September 26, 2008

Marina Landia: Enjoy business

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MARINA LANDIA: Enjoy business, 2007 (18’45”)

Marina Landia, born 1960 in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a video and performance artist and lives in London. In her videos and workshops, she explores and reflects current social, economic and political trends. Enjoy business is the first part of an ongoing interview series with members of the global business elite.

In the last third of Marina Landia’s video one of the interviewees says: “You put together teams of people […| with similar values […] so that you can cause the money-making to take place”. That’s what this video confronts me with. I see a series of individuals giving their statements and I feel urged to consider them as a group. A fraction of a loose group that is shaping the world in the most global way. But what do they actually have in common? Are there shared values, or does their common simply emerge through the similarities of local restraints and opportunities?

With this in mind, Landina’s interviews seem very well focused. In order to understand the global influence of business, the personal level is at least as important as the systemic aspects. (sb)

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